Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Uni Watch

Since Matt and I started the tradition of analyzing our favorite uniforms at World Curling events - I thought I'd chime in on my thoughts so far from observing in person.  

First I have to give big props to Team Sweden who have had the biggest improvement in uniforms since the World's.  They were looking sharp in their blue jerseys yesterday.  No more weird swoopy designs.  Phew.

I was not a big of a fan of skipper Murdoch's Team Great Britain unis from yesterday - the white with red collar area was weird.  I did however like the red version they sported today.  Much handsomer.  And looked really sharp with the black pants.

The US jerseys are just kind of weird with the stripe down the arm.  I do love the red, white and blue - but just a bit haphazard feeling in design.

I think the red Swiss jerseys are simple and classy.  I'm a fan.  Their white version of the shirt is a little too stark but I like the few tiny touches of red on that version.

And just a word on the "Pants" - I like how they are mixing it up and they don't feel too crazy-town.  Their pants today were like the Fourth of July (which I think means TJ needs to get them to come to the Hollywood Blockbuster Bonspiel).

Ok - more thoughts on uniforms later...  But to close - there are my favorite guys in the Ice Cube Arena.  They carry around trays of cheesecake to sell to you.  It is hilarious.

I wish I would have gotten a better picture.  I'll keep trying!

- marissa 

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