Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frankfurt Flight

Off and rolling on our flight to Frankfurt.

First kudos to Lufthansa - they had sparkling wine in coach!  Yay!  So we kicked off the trip with a sparkly toast and settled in to watch our little tvs and read the LA Times coverage of the Olympics so far.  There was even an article about internet videos made by Olympians that included @NoHoCurling's "What Does the Skip Say" video!

My favorite part of the Entertainment system so far is the you can go the camera views looking outside the cockpit or looking down towards the ground.  A cool little bonus feature to go with you Flight Status tracker.  It was fun to watch those channels on take-off.

The dinner wasn't too bad...  We went with the chicken option.  It came with cheddar cheese and a brownie so good job Lufthansa.

Though late in the flight I am going to revoke my "good job Lufthansa" statement.  After the audio on my tv stopped working no one was really helpful or really concerned about helping get it to work again which was a bummer - especially when they kept saying this was a new plane.  I guess the good news is the rest of the plane was working - but sad when you pay this much money that their product is a fail.  Oh well - when we're watching the Olympics in person it will erase their stupidness from my brain.

The good news is we are landed and navigated our way through the train system a-ok.  Now we're checked in and ready to come up with a game plan for exploring Frankfurt!

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