Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 1 Recap

Whew!  Day one is just about in the can. Lufthansa was ok, they got us here safe, though I wouldn't call their customer service great...or good for that matter. And we had the hardest landing on touch down I've had in several years. All's well that lands well though. 

Marissa and I both tried to fight jet lag as best we could but it eventually caught us around 2pm. The rest was welcome. 

But that was after our delightful walk through Frankfurt. We found an old timey German courtyard, walked through a mall and almost had our baseball caps blown off on the oldest pedestrian bridge in Frankfurt. 

After waking from our nap we watched some of the Olympics on German TV (and also Bob Ross on what looked like PBS from several years ago), then headed down stairs for dinner in the hotel. We wanted to venture out to a restaurant but fatigue and the chilly night kept us here. I did have a half liter of authentic German beer with dinner (though I couldn't tell you the brewery because the waiter only referred to it as "beer". Marissa of course had champagne. 

We're now settling in with a very fragrant Berry Tea before we once again succumb to the pull of jet lag. We will be up early tomorrow for a hearty breakfast before we fly to Russia to watch our very first Olympics in person!  We're very excited!  


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  1. Hope you guys are having fun! Do they have champagne in Sochi?