Thursday, February 13, 2014

Proctor & Gamble & Awesome

We've been super fortunate on this trip to be able to rest, relax and recharge at the Proctor & Gamble house. 

A huge thanks to the Team Shuster families for getting us access to the house and being so kind and warm. Their generosity has helped take our first Olympic experience from good to great. 

The house itself has a very log cabin kind of feel but in an obviously temporary way (I doubt any of these hospitality houses will be here much after the games have been concluded). It does not feel cheap though. 

It feels very warm inside, with all the exposed wood. They have couches where people gather to watch games from 1pm to 11pm. 

They serve food all day long too as well as having snacks out on the table for people to graze. And of course they have a bar with a modest by adequate selection of drinks (though water, juice and soda as much as you can drink). 

Upon entering, there is a kiosk where you can pick up the pin of the day as well as be greeted by a few bears. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. I'm sure it's an even better gift to the parents of the athletes.  We're just so glad to be considered friends with such nice people. 

Thanks again to Team Shuster and the families. Thanks also to Proctor & Gamble for building a small piece of familiar so far away from home. 

USA all the way! We'll be back tomorrow. 

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