Monday, February 17, 2014

Do svidaniya

We are siting in the Sochi airport waiting for our flight to Moscow. Security was a bit hectic but we made it through, though they made Marissa check her carry-on. 

Soon (-ish) we'll board our plane and be on our way home, with a quick night sleep in Frankfurt again (I told you we'd be back soon Germany). 

We had a fun little adventure today in Adler before we got here though. Outside our hotel there is a little park with what looks like a WWII statue/memorial. 

Then we started off for the heart of downtown Adler and found this fully authentic and thriving market. 

It puts the farmers markets back home to shame. 

We also stopped by the Mandarin mall, which is brand, spanking new...

and almost completely empty. There are stores, which are open but mostly without customers. 

No mall anywhere in the world is complete without a Cinnabon store


Or a faux Apple Store...

Next we took a very quick stroll to the Black Sea.  

We capped off our adventure with lunch at the most American of restaurants. 

They have a nifty automated ordering kiosk

Which we had trouble using to pay but we did soon get lunch the old fashioned way (at the register). 

Yes, that's a Happy Meal Marissa has there. I went with McNuggets. 

All in all it's been another great day on a very extraordinary trip. I'm sad to see this trip come to a close but happy to be returning home. Marissa and I plan to have many more adventures together so this is still just the beginning. 

Spasibo Russia!  You've been great. 

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