Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Curling Etiquette

Let's talk about curling etiquette for a second...it hasn't made its way to Russia yet (at least for the fans). The home town fans are very passionate about their countrymen/women (that's a good thing) but it's clear that the general Russian curling fan doesn't have great grasp on the game. They cheer at inappropriate and inexplicable times,  are generally a little raucous and loud. It seems to even verge on rude when they actively boo when opponents are delivering but I also think they don't know enough about the sport to know what's  inappropriate.  I also hope they don't have that much malice. 

Lets also talk about stadium design for a minute. The ice cube is a nice venue but it does show some signs of being built in Russia. Firstly, the seats are uncomfortable and they are cheaply made (I wonder if they will last until the finals). Secondly, and more importantly, access to almost every seat is a laborious, unintuitive process that even the mass of volunteers struggle to understand. I've not seen seats accessed this poorly ever. Access to seats was clearly an afterthought if thought of at all. Mostly the rest of the venue is nice though the bathrooms are a bit cramped and oddly shaped (though not as bad as some pics on the web). 

Still we're having fun cheering on Team USA. Go team go!

PS - it's also a bit frustrating to be told the seats are sold out when it's half empty. I guess a lot of people bought tickets but didn't show up. That's also bad etiquette... but we're staying positive because we're at the Olympics. In Russia. And we're having a blast!

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