Monday, February 17, 2014


We made it to Moscow though we left 40 minutes late. Less than 1:30 minutes to check in at Lufthansa and go through passport control. 

Here's hoping the airport (which is covered in snow) is not busy today. 

We're almost out of Russia. 

Update:  we made it to the gate with a few minutes to spare. We should be boarding shortly. 

Pro Tip: the Moscow airport is a bit of a joke. It looks nice but there is a scarcity of information when you're connecting from other flights and they have computers from 1980 apparently. 

For a second I thought I was stuck in Russia at passport control when the immigration officer looked up at me and let out a long string of Russian that seemed to suggest there was something wrong with my visa. Then she just blankly stared at me after I said "I'm sorry, I only speak English". I guess she figured it out because she did some work on her terminal for a few minutes then stamped my ticket and visa. 

Phew!  So we're all set to depart super snowy Russia.  I'm going to have a beer (or two) on my flight to Frankfurt. 

What an adventure. 

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