Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hot. Cool. Yours.

Hot. Cool. Yours. That's the official slogan for these Olympics. I'm not sure what that really means or how I feel about that as a slogan. What a perfect  Olympic Adventure this has been though. 

As we walked in to the park this morning I told Marissa it was easy for me to pick out my favorite memory from the trip. 

It's our first photo inside the Olympic park. That was really an amazing moment. At our first Olympics. In Russia! It was a whirlwind of a day but so good. 

This whole trip is a dream come true really. I've loved the Olympics since i was a kid, Marissa too. I remember secretly investigating an Olympic trip after we got back from Fargo last November. Marissa was doing the same thing and one night we both said to each other "so I've been looking into a Sochi trip..."

We've had the best experience here thanks to a lot of great folks: Team Shuster, the P&G house, Team Brown, almost everyone at the NBC hospitality sweet except the one guy yesterday who tried to keep us out because our official passes were not official enough apparently. We would have had good time without all the extras but they did help make the visit great. 

I would absolutely go to the Olympics again, we're already thinking about Brazil and Korea. I keep thinking now, that a vacation every two years following the Olympics around the world would be a great bunch of vacations. It would probably take us to places we might not otherwise go. 

We've made these Olympics our own. Maybe in that way HCY begins to make sense. This has been a magical adventure to a foreign land. It's been full of generous people. We've had very few, if any problems with the Russian people. 

We've had a blast cheering on Team Brown. 

And Team Shuster

Ann, Jess, Debbie, Erika, John, Jared, Jeff and John, the both of us are proud to cheer for you win or lose. We are glad we know you and so happy to come support you half way across the world. 

It's been the best experience and I wouldn't change one second of it for anything. 

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  1. So glad you had a fun time! Thank you for sharing your adventure. Safe trip home!