Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Uni Watch Part 2

Sitting here at the Women's 2:00 pm draw.  I thought in the I'd give some more of my curling uniform opinions.

The US ladies red jerseys are much better - though the blue shoulder stripe is still odd - but the ladies sporting the uniforms are so great that they make anything work.  Erika's red jacket is nice - I kinda wish there was a bit more of a touch of blue, but the US flag on the sleeve.

I officially can't make up my mind on the China uniforms.  They really stand out in yellow, which I like but I keep thinking they could haves little bit more design - they have a little flair on one shoulder but it gets easily lost and the stripe swoop across the middle back is a little weird.

I am not as big of a fan of the Sweden white jerseys.  They make the sort of fair skinned Swedish guys and girls look like ghosts.  Nicholas Edin almost disappears in his!  Their blue unis are so sharp - they should stick to those.

I do dig the yellow stripes down the Swedish team's pants - though the pants may be a wee bit too form fitting.  (Upon further inspection I now see the yellow stripe is only down one leg of the pants - which is a bit odd.). New thought - I think those ladies need to rock the kilts instead.

I am a big fan of Korea's jerseys - black with some red and blue design on the sleeve.  I think they look like awesome curling ninjas.  Their yellow jacket collars and zippers are a nice touch too.  This photo does not do their sharp look justice.

Canada's red jerseys look great.  Though sometimes they look like Spiderman shirts.  But really I just want to see Jennifer Jones curl 100% again.  She was insanely good yesterday morning.

Ok - gotta focus back on the game to see if USA can steal another point in end 2!


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