Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A few of my favs

Can't believe our Russian journey has come to an end.  It was just as the blog title says an "epic" journey that I will never forget and feel so blessed to have shared it with Chris, the Gamboas, Team USA and their families.  For a trip that we had a little bit of nervousness mixed in amongst all the excitement - there was nothing to be nervous about.  Sochi/Adler was lovely, safe, exciting, and fun - we met some wonderful people, spent time with friends, and saw more hours of sports in a week than I'd probably watch in a normal year.

Here are a few photo highlights:

First time at the Ice Cube Curling Venue - our sort of home away from home.  

Up close to our Bond Girl's adopted James Bond, UK Skip David Murdoch, at the first game.

At the House of Switzerland - where's Team Tirinzoni? 

No Chris!  It's hot!

Chris looking like he should be marching in Opening Ceremonies for Team USA.

Fancy times with the Gamboas in the NBC Hospitality Suite.

Look - those guys skate fast!

Cindy made us Cinsational USA scarves.

When in Russia - Vodka!

Go Team Brown go!


Team USA Curling's biggest fans.

Short Track Speed Skating.  So exciting to watch in person.

More photos to come - but those are a few highlights!


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